What Is Your Beauty Essential?




August Favorites!

Hello Everybody!
As August draws to a close, I thought I would share with you my August favorites!

L’OREAL True Match Concealer


This liquid concealer is one of my beauty essentials. It blends extremely well and provides amazing coverage on anything from dark circles to blemishes. The True Match Concealer dries matte and does not make your skin look oily throughout the day.

NYX Butter Gloss in the color Eclair


I’m in love with this lip gloss from NYX for two reasons: it’s color makes your lips look naturally pink and it’s not overly sticky. Most lip glosses leave a sticky mess on your lips that is very uncomfortable to wear, especially when your hair gets caught in it. This gloss dries with the feeling of almost a very creamy lipstick making it comfortable to wear on days that you want to wear your hair down.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray


This hairspray is amazing for holding in curls and maintain frizz free hair. I like to spray this in my hair before and after curling my hair for maximum hold with hair that’s does not feel crunchy.

L’OREAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Black


This mascara is great for eyelashes of any length! Not only does it separate and voluminize your lashes it also creates a really neat “winged” out effect.

Dogeared Dance Ring


This ring from Dogeared is my new jewelry obsession! You can wear this ring alone or with a couple of other rings stacked on top of it.

I hope you enjoyed my August favorites! Sorry that list is small, but I promise that I will be doing a gigantic fall favorites list soon!!!

Favorite Songs of the Month

Hello Everybody!

Today I have for you my top 5 favorite songs of the month. I’m hoping to do these music posts every month for now on, so let me know what you think! Also comment down below YOUR top 5 songs from this month:)


My music picks:
1. (This one is a tie) Don’t and Sing- both are by Ed Sheeran
2. North- Sleeping At Last
3. Ordinary Human- OneRepublic
4. Break the Fall- Laura Welsh
5. Love Someone- Jason Myraz

❤️Tutti-Frutti Frozen Yogurt❤️

Hello Everyone!

Recently I visited Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, here is what I thought about it:



4/5 Tutti Frutti’s decor is both vibrant and adorable with it’s like green walls and kawaii cups. It did lack indoor seating, but fortunately there was a lot of outdoor seating as well.

Menu (Taste)

3.5/4 When I was there I had gotten the flavors: sea salt caramel pretzel yogurt, pineapple sorbet, watermelon sorbet, and peanut butter fudge cake gelato. The sea salt caramel pretzel and the peanut butter fudge cake were amazing, with the right amount of richness and sweetness. The pineapple and pineapple sorbets, however, were way too sweet and too artificial tasting for my liking. Overall though, the flavors were excellent and I would definitely have them again.

Menu (Variety)

5/5 Tutti Frutti has an amazing variety of flavors, toppings, and boba (bubble tea) drinks to choose from. In their self-serve yogurt section they have everything from sorbet to gelato. For toppings they have a colorful variety of fruits, popping bobas, candies, and sauces. Also for bubble tea they have multiple flavors of teas to choose from as well!

All in all, Tutti Frutti is a great place to go to grab a quick cold treat during these long summer days.


July Favorites!

Hi Everyone!

As July comes to a close, I would like to share with you some of my favorite things that I’ve been enjoying this month.

Alex and Ani Bracelets

I have been collecting Alex and Ani bracelets for a couple years now and lately I’ve been seeing them everywhere.  These fun bangles each have their own little unique charm on them that typically have special message behind them.  Alex and Ani also make bracelets with colored beads, earrings, and much more!  In the picture below I am wearing five of my Alex and Ani silver bangles.  The charms shown are the City of Boston, Boston Red Sox, Owl, Live Music, and the Puzzle Piece for Autism Speaks Month.  You can order from Alex and Ani at http://www.alexandani.com/image (4)

Royal Charcoal

This month I have been doing a ton of observational art with charcoal.  The medium and hard Royal Charcoal sticks have been a huge helping hand in adding value to my sketches.  I believe that you can purchase these at any art store in a kit with other charcoal pencils.  I’m sorry that I cannot remember where I had gotten these!

image (5)

Sketch Book

I’ve doing my observational art drawings with Royal Charcoal in this new adorable spiral sketch book from Barnes and Noble’s brand Punctuate!  Inside this sketch book there are 176 pages of acid free, 8.5 x 11 blank, white paper that is perfect for anything from a journal to drawing!

image (6)

Smash Box Full Exposure Makeup Palette

I had ordered this smash box makeup palette from nordstrom.com and honestly, it is my #1 favorite thing this month.  This palette contains eight neutral shade eyeshadows that work well with any skin tone.  Four of the eyeshadows (the ones on the top) are neutral shades with a lot of shimmer and the other four eyeshadows are completely matte, perfect as a base eyeshadow.  If you would like to see a post on how I use these eyeshadows, comment down below!

image (7)

Essie’s “Naughty Nautical” Nail Polish

With just a touch of shimmer, this minty nail polish is a nice pop of color to anyone’s summer day look.  I painted my nails this color with white polka dots to honor Talia Castellano in #taliasmintmani month.  You can purchase this nail polish today from target!

image (8)

Hope you enjoyed my July Favorites! Comment down below if you would like to see more posts like this or if you have tried out these items yourself;)



Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog! I’m Callie: fashion lover, beauty guru (just kidding, but I do love my makeup!), creator, and dancer.  And on “Imaginationem” I wish to share my passions of style, beauty, crafting, fine art, and dance.  Stay tuned for further posts and join me along on my journey of exploring the world of all things creative.