Hello Everybody!

For the past year or so I’ve been really loving zentangles.  Zentangles are abstract drawings (usually within some sort of shape or outline) consisting of many repeated patterns drawn with markers or pens.  These “doodles” are really fun and easy to make and they are even quite relaxing too.  While searching up some zentangle ideas, I came across the idea of drawing an outline of a head and then inside of it you zentangle whatever your little heart desires.  I immediately became obsessed with this idea and decided to make one of my own.  I highly suggest making one of these elaborate doodles, as it is the perfect pastime for anyone.  Let me know in the comments down below if you have tried it!

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Hello Everybody!
I realized that I haven’t posted in a while so here it goes!

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How to Draw Realistically: Lips

Hello Everybody!

Today I have some tips and tricks for drawing realistic lips in pencil/charcoal!


Tip One: When drawing your realistic subject make sure that you really truly look at it. If you are drawing from a photograph make sure that it is clear enough for you to see every line within the lips.

Tip Two: Pay attention to where your light is coming from. This can make a real difference in your drawing depending on how well you portray the light. You can bring light into the lips by using an eraser , white charcoal, white chalk, etc.

Tip Three: Make the the corners of the mouth the darkest part of the lips. You can do this with black charcoal or any other dark drawing tool.

Tip Four: Take your time! The longer you work on it and keep building on top of the layers of pencil, the more realistic it tends to look.

Hope you found these tips useful! If you have any of your own little tricks to drawing realistically, let me know in the comments down below:)

Silk Painting- The Experience

Hello Everybody!
Before I begin, I would like to say that I am not a professional silk painter, this is purely about my first time using silk paint;) Enjoy!

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to paint a nature scene for my very first time on a silk hoop. When I first was given this assignment, I for some reason had developed the idea that this would be quite a simple task. And of course I had underestimated the hard work that was about to come my way.

The process of silk painting goes as follows:
1. You sketch out what you want to go onto the silk on a piece of paper.
2. Lay down the silk over the sketch (in my case I laid down a silk hoop)
3. Trace the sketch onto the silk with a thick, paint-like substance called “gutta”. “Gutta” is used for when you put the paint on the silk it does not run.
4. Paint inside the lines of “gutta” with a silk paint (which is pretty much water, heavily saturated with food coloring).
5. Paint your background (I used lime green silk paint, then applied blotches of dark green, and then added salt to the blotches)

The process seems simple right? Well, yes, it is. That is if you do everything with extreme precision and impeccable eyesight.

The “gutta” I had used for this assignment had been colorless. Colorless “gutta” is little bit trickier than colored “gutta” because even though you can still see it when laying it down, it is difficult to see whether all your lines are connected and closed off so the paint does not run. Also, a lot of the time, colorless “gutta” is not as thick as the colored ones, so even if all your lines are connected, the paint could still run over the “gutta”. This is where things went downhill for me.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, I had painted butterflies on my silk hoop. I had chosen to do butterflies since silk paints often blend nicely together when done correctly for a beautifully realistic effect. I, being a first timer, did not really know how to correctly blend the paint, resulting in me adding way too much. The more paint you add, the more of a chance you will have of it running over the “gutta”. As the painting process went on, I soon learned how to control my blending. But I do have to admit, I have A LOT of room for improvement. I hope by the end of this year I will try my hand again at silk painting and this time take into account my previous mistakes;) I highly suggest silk painting to anyone who likes a little challenge (I believe you can order supplies from some craft catalogs.) Let me know down below if any of you have tried or will try silk painting!

Altered Books- An Imagination Explosion


Today I would like to introduce you to altered books.

At the beginning of last year my art teacher gave me a year long assignment to take a book, pick a theme, and destroy the pages by covering them in paint, paper, ink, or pretty much whatever your little artistic heimage (3)art desires and make a masterpiece out of it.  Sounds time consuming huh? Well it was, and still is (I’m only half way through the book after an entire year).  Despite the time and the difficulties of holding open a paint crusted hardcover book while trying to glue on miniature seashells one-by-one, the process was certainly worth while.  With my general theme of the ocean, I was able to explore several mediums of art and discover which ones I prefer the most.  I highly suggest this project to anyone who enjoys mixed media projects or anyone who just wants to have fun with art!  Next time you come across an old book of yours, think again before you toss it in the trash– it could become a gorgeous masterpiece!


P.S. Leave a comment down below if would like to see a post with some of my favorite pages of my altered book, “Lost at Sea”!

Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog! I’m Callie: fashion lover, beauty guru (just kidding, but I do love my makeup!), creator, and dancer.  And on “Imaginationem” I wish to share my passions of style, beauty, crafting, fine art, and dance.  Stay tuned for further posts and join me along on my journey of exploring the world of all things creative.