Last Minute Gifts + Decorations

Merry Almost-Christmas!

Are you still in need of some gifts or still feel the urge to decorate your home a little bit more? Listed below are some last minute ideas to help you complete your holiday to do list! 

Decorative Candle 

 Candles are the perfect gift for the holidays because they can add an aspect of warmth and coziness to any room.

Fun Socks 


This gift is good as a last minute stocking stuffer or as a finishing touch for your quirky friend’s present.



CDs are quick and easy to get and the music can simply be transferred onto any computer for those who prefer to listen to music on their phones.

Coloring Books


“Adult” coloring books have been trending recently and they are the perfect pastime no matter your age. I’m currently in love with the Enchanted Forest coloring book from Michaels. It’s full of intricate designs and whimsy.

Fairy Lights

 Fairy lights can be the highlight of anyone’s room no matter the time of year. However, if you are looking for an extra pop try draping them around the room for a cozy and welcoming feel.

Miniature Trees (DIY + Store Bought)

I got this tree from Target for $3 just to emphasize the Christmas fee in my room. I added a personalized miniature stocking and ornament to it too, but it looks just as good without the extra frills.

For this DIY tree I hot glued felt circles all around a styrofoam cone and wrapped twine around the bottom. I then sat it on top of a pile of fake snow and a wooden plank.

DIY “Snowglobe”  
This snowglobe is perfect as both a gift and a present! To find out how to make this check of the DIY of the Month.

Happy Holidays!



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