BTS: Makeup, Music + More

Hello there!

The school year is now in full swing and with that comes busier schedules and new routines.  As a busy student myself, I have thought of some tips for school, as well as some makeup and outfit ideas!

Lists, lists, lists.

I’m the type of person that in order to memorize something, I MUST write it down. Typically, planners are very helpful for me, but if I need an extra reminder, I make a to-do list somewhere else.  My go-to place to write things down is my chalkboard.

Studying…. With music.

When studying for tests or doing homework in general, I like to listen to music. I find classical or acoustic music the easiest to work to because I find it to be not as distracting as other music genres.  Usually, I will pull up a music playlist on my phone and then put my phone on the other side of the room to keep myself from being tempted to go on it while working.


For school I like to use light and natural colors for my eyes, along with a black cat eye and some mascara.

In this look I used the Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palatte by Tarte (Tickled pink on the lid, beaming bronze in the crease, hot cocoa in the outer corner, and ideal ivory as a highlight and in the inner corner). For my eyeliner I used the Lineur Intense Defining Liquid Liner by L’Oreal in carbon black and for my lashes I used the Supersizer Mascara by Covergirl in black-brown.

 Style + Comfort

When I dress for school, I like to feel confident and comfortable in what I am wearing.  Lately, I have been really liking soft, fabric, patterned pants paired with plain t-shirts.  Not only is this combo super cute, it’s extremely cozy too!


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