Stage Makeup Essentials

Hi There!
As you may already know, I’ve been a dancer all my life and when I perform under the bright lights of the stage, exaggerated stage makeup is a must.
Here are some of the essentials I turn to whenever I need to do this kind of makeup:

Loreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation
(Excuse my chipped nails) This foundation is really good for when you perform because it provides great coverage and it is not heavy. For even more coverage I sometimes use the True Match Liquid Concealer.

“Blushbaby” Blush By Mac
When I do stage makeup I wear blushes that compliment my skin tone and are not too vibrant. If you want to wear blush on stage, choose a blush that is a shade of pink for it will give you a more natural look.

Cover girl Pocket Powder
Powder is my number one essential for going on stage because it prevents you from looking oily and shiny under those bright lights.

Ardell “Natural” Fake Eyelashes
I sometimes use natural looking fake eyelashes to compliment my eye makeup and to also add a little bit more emphasis to my lashes. I attach my eyelashes with Duo Eyelash Glue.

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara by Tarte
After applying my fake eyelashes, I put on mascara not only again emphasize my lashes, but to make my real lashes and fake lashes look a little more connected.

Oh! Oh! Matte Lipstick by Sephora
Depending on the color of the costume, I like to wear lipsticks either with a red tiny or berry tint. I really like Sephora lipsticks because they last all night and are easy to apply.

Metallic and Neutral Tone Eyeshadow
Metallic and neutral tone eyeshadows are a must for eye makeup because it goes with pretty much any costume, regardless of it’s color. I have found the brands Mac and Urban Decay to be the best for stage makeup eyeshadow because they last all night. Before I apply my eyeshadow I use Tarte’s Clean Slate Primer.


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