Modani Inspired Living Room

Just like assembling an outfit, designing a living room contains the same aspects.  You have a focal point that you build around and accessories that tie the entire look together.  I would describe my style as simple and bohemian and when I discovered Modani furniture, I immediately knew that their modern pieces strongly reflected my style.  Inspired by their furniture pieces, I created this dream board of what my ideal living room would have.

photo (4)


I would describe this room “look” as cozy and modern.  I love the way modern furniture looks in a room because not only does it make it clean-cut, but it looks well put together and comfortable.

The Modani Dream Board 

“Cozy & Modern”

(Going from left to right, starting from the top)

  • Mateo Pewter Rug- The rug is perfect for anyone who likes monochrome tones and simplicity in a room.
  • Boden Floor Lamp- I am in love with this lamp because the touch of wood on the base adds a natural look to the room.
  • Lapsia Vase- This vase is great for a simplistic room because it adds just the right touch of shimmer.
  • Bergamo Gray Sofa- This is the focal point of the room, because immediately all eyes are drawn to it grandness and simplicity. Find the sofa that’s perfect for you here.
  • Veneto Oversized Mirror- I really like this mirror because its silver color matches well with the modern and unique Lapsia Vase
  • Gabriela Pillow- This pillow really adds a relaxed feel to this very modern, clean look.

If you are ever looking for some modern pieces to compliment your living room or any room in your house, check out Modani Furniture.  They have stores across the U.S. and one store in Toronto, Canada!

What is your living room style?


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