Local Color

Color. It’s everywhere. If you look up it’s there, if you look down, it’s there. Even the color you can’t see, it’s there. Now imagine all of that gone. With a snap every thing in the world with color now has no pizzaz, no spark.
Difficult to imagine, right? What if you had the choice to still keep one object it’s original color? What would you choose?
This question is so utterly difficult for me, since I am such a visual person. However, if I were to choose, I would choose to keep the beautiful, striking color of autumn leaves. The way that the leaves change color has always been my favorite part of fall. They have always seemed to put a fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach. The various shades of orange, gold, and red are what make these autumnal months so special and unique. The world would just not seem complete without these glorious products of Mother Nature.

Now it’s your turn. What would you keep in it’s original hue?


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