Local Color

Color. It’s everywhere. If you look up it’s there, if you look down, it’s there. Even the color you can’t see, it’s there. Now imagine all of that gone. With a snap every thing in the world with color now has no pizzaz, no spark.
Difficult to imagine, right? What if you had the choice to still keep one object it’s original color? What would you choose?
This question is so utterly difficult for me, since I am such a visual person. However, if I were to choose, I would choose to keep the beautiful, striking color of autumn leaves. The way that the leaves change color has always been my favorite part of fall. They have always seemed to put a fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach. The various shades of orange, gold, and red are what make these autumnal months so special and unique. The world would just not seem complete without these glorious products of Mother Nature.

Now it’s your turn. What would you keep in it’s original hue?



Hello Everybody!

For the past year or so I’ve been really loving zentangles.  Zentangles are abstract drawings (usually within some sort of shape or outline) consisting of many repeated patterns drawn with markers or pens.  These “doodles” are really fun and easy to make and they are even quite relaxing too.  While searching up some zentangle ideas, I came across the idea of drawing an outline of a head and then inside of it you zentangle whatever your little heart desires.  I immediately became obsessed with this idea and decided to make one of my own.  I highly suggest making one of these elaborate doodles, as it is the perfect pastime for anyone.  Let me know in the comments down below if you have tried it!

photo (1)


Bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings are all wonderful accessories that are the perfect finishing touches to any outfit.  However, a handbag is the ultimate accessory that I would feel incomplete without.  Wherever I go, I always have some sort of handbag with me.  Handbags are the type of items that make your outfit unique and your own, which is why I love them so much.  When I first heard of  Rue La La’s Style Guide to Handbags, I was inspired to share with you my all time favorite bag: My metallic hobo/tote style handbag from Coach.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)
Why This Bag & What I Carry In It
The main reason why I love this bag so much is because of it’s functionality. With this bag being more of a slouchy style, I’m able to wear it with almost anything– everyday. On a daily basis I carry the basics: mints, headphones, wallet, phone, lipstick, concealer, and tissues.

How I Wear It
Although I do use this bag almost every day, I feel like it looks best when paired with a skirt or dress.

For some fantastic tips and info on handbag care, types of handbags, and more check out  Rue La La’s Style Guide to Handbags

What are your handbag essentials? Comment them down below!

My Playlist

Music is a very special thing for me. It helps me think, puts me in a good mood, and even inspires me. I would describe my music taste as alternative singer/songwriter with a little folk put into the mix. I think this music genre is perfect for the fall and winter months because of it’s soothing and “homey and cozy” qualities. Here some of my favorite songs of right now:


1. Work Song by Hozier
2. All Through The Night by Sleeping at Last
3. Falling by The Civil Wars
4. Make This Leap by The Hunts
5. Yellow by Michael Schulte



Hello Everybody!
A fall fashion favorite of mine are flannels in warm colors, especially red. Whether they are tied around your waist (shown below in my ootd) or warn over your favorite shirt, flannels are the perfect go to for any relaxed autumn day!

What I’m Wearing:
Everything in the photo is from Nordstrom Rack (I will update soon on specific brands) and my shoes are from Converse.