DIY- Fall Decor Ideas!

Hello Everybody!
Today I have for you three of my favorite decor ideas for fall!


Materials: For these DIYs you will need fake autumn leaves, a mason jar, a milkman jug, twine cording, scissors, hot glue, and a hot glue gun


Leaf Jars For these jars I stuffed leaves into the mason jar and for the milkman jar, I hot glued the leaves all around the jar and then tied the twine on the top.

Leaf Garland: For this garland all I did was simply hot glue the leaves along the twine.


Autumn Eye Makeup

Hello Everybody!
Since it is the beginning of autumn I thought it would be rather fun to show you guys what I do for my makeup in the fall. Follow the steps below to get this oh-so-chic look!


Step One: Prime your eyes and apply a nude sheen color all over your lid, almost up to your brow bone.


Step Two: Apply a golden/orangey shadow with shine to your lid all the way up to your crease. Then, apply a dark brown to your outer corners and blend it out to create an ombré effect.


Step Three: Apply the lightest color in your palate to your inner corners and blend it out.


Step Four: Line your eyes and wing it out on the ends with black or dark brown liquid eyeliner.


Step Five: (Curl your eyelashes, optional) Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.



Weekly Obsessions!

Hello Everybody!
Happy Fall! For now on every week I will be coming to you with a few of my weekly “obsessions” that include everything from music to DIY ideas! I hope you enjoy!

Jane Liquid Black Eyeliner


This liquid eyeliner from Jane has to be my all time favorite! I personally have a preference to use liquid eyeliner rather than pencil on daily basis because it is easier to put on and to control my lines (weird, huh?) Typically, I would use this when I want to do winged liner (tutorial coming soon!)

Frizz Ease: Extra Strength by John Frieda


I have naturally extremely thick, frizzy hair and lately I’ve been trying out several products and techniques to tame my crazy locks and sadly none of them worked that well. However, a few weeks ago I picked up this serum from Ulta and it works like a charm!
How I use it:
I use it a little bit different than the instructions say to do so on the bottle.
1. Wash your hair, comb it out, remove a slight bit of the excess water with a towel, and pump the serum onto your fingers and comb it through your hair
2. Let your hair air dry for about 10-25 minutes and then apply another pump of the serum.
3. Blow dry your hair and apply more pumps if needed (only apply the serum when your hair is wet, and DO NOT apply it to the roots! It will make your hair extremely oily if you do.)


DIY Beachy Waves- Without Seasalt Spray!

Hello Everybody!
Ever wanted to have beachy waves but were unsure how to do so both quickly and inexpensively? Well now I have the perfect solution for you. Follow the steps below to get some beautiful beachy waves.


Step One: Comb through your hair with a wet comb until it is the slightest bit wet.

Step Two: French braid your hair and hairspray the finished braid.

Step Three: Sleep with the braid in overnight.

Step Four: Take out the braid and separate the waves.

Step Five: Hairspray your hair and scrunch it with your fingers.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know in the comments down below if you have ever tried this technique!

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