Don’t Be Afraid To Customize!

Hello Everybody!

I hope you have enjoyed my very small back to school series, #backtoschoolwithcallie. It was so fun to do, and I hope it was fun for you as the viewer to read!

Here are all three of the products I made/customized for school:


What I Made (From Left to Right):

1. Mint Green Binder
How I made it– You will need a binder in the color of your choice, magazines (preferably garden, fashion, or surfing magazines), scissors, copier paper, glue (glue stick and hot), and lace. To make the collage I cut out patterns in a magazine in the shape of triangles, glued them on in an alternating pattern and stuck it in through the clear pocket in the front of the binder. Then, I hot glued the lace from to the edge of the binder.

2. The Mint Green Notebook
To find out how I made this, check out my last post: “Little Ways to Spice Up Your Notebooks For School!📚”

3. The Black Pencil Case
To find out how I made this, check out my recent post: “Pencil Case- DIY”

You will be able to find these posts by going either to my homepage or by scrolling to down below to categories and clicking on “Back to School”.



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