Pencil Case- DIY

Hello Everybody!
This post will be the start of my mini series of back to school posts. If you try any of my DIYs in this series, post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #backtoschoolwithcallie for me to see your take on these projects!

Today’s DIY will be felt pencil cases. Follow the steps below to make this adorable case!


Materials: You will need: felt, thread, a needle, a button (wooden or plastic), scissors, a thin marker or chalk, a straight edge, lace (optional), hot glue (optional)


Step One: Take your piece of felt and mark with chalk how big you would like it to be. To help with sizing, place a pencil or pen next to it.


Step Two: Cut out the felt on the lines you marked with chalk.


Step Three: With your left over felt cut out a rectangle the same width as the rectangle you previously cut and slightly shorter than your pencil or pen. This will be the pocket.


Step Four: Place rectangle two onto of rectangle one.


Step Five: Sew them together to make a pocket.


Step Six/Seven: Sew a button onto of rectangle two and cut a slit on rectangle one for the button to go through. (Optional) Hot glue lace directly underneath the slit.


Step Eight: Stuff your pencil case with whatever stationary items you want! Enjoy!



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