How to Draw Realistically: Lips

Hello Everybody!

Today I have some tips and tricks for drawing realistic lips in pencil/charcoal!


Tip One: When drawing your realistic subject make sure that you really truly look at it. If you are drawing from a photograph make sure that it is clear enough for you to see every line within the lips.

Tip Two: Pay attention to where your light is coming from. This can make a real difference in your drawing depending on how well you portray the light. You can bring light into the lips by using an eraser , white charcoal, white chalk, etc.

Tip Three: Make the the corners of the mouth the darkest part of the lips. You can do this with black charcoal or any other dark drawing tool.

Tip Four: Take your time! The longer you work on it and keep building on top of the layers of pencil, the more realistic it tends to look.

Hope you found these tips useful! If you have any of your own little tricks to drawing realistically, let me know in the comments down below:)


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