Chalkboard Quote Jars- DIY

Hello Everybody!
Today I have for you one of my all time favorite DIYs- CHALKBOARD QUOTE JARS!


Materials: You will need jars with cork lids, chalkboard paint, foam brushes, cording, chalk (not shown in the picture), scissors, and glossy acrylic paint (optional)


Step One: Pour out your chalkboard paint (only pour out a little at a time, it dries quickly depending on the temperature around it)


Step Two: Paint your first coat of chalkboard paint on your jar in any shape that you like. Wait 10 minutes before moving on to step three.


Step Three: Repeat step two. Keep on repeating that step until the paint on the jar is opaque.


Step Four: (OPTIONAL) While waiting for your chalkboard paint to dry, paint a boarder around the chalkboard shape with the color of your choice. I chose to make my boarder sloppy for a unique, handcrafted look. Then I took my cording and wrapped it around the top of the jar.


Step Five: To make it a quote jar, write some quotes on ripped pieces of paper and put them in the jar.
*Gift IdeaInstead of filling
the jar with quotes, fill the jar with candy or little treats as a little party favor or gift!


Step Six: With your chalk, write whatever you wish on your chalkboard. Have fun with it!


That’s it for today’s DIY! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration out of it!


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