DIY Idea: Flower Crowns

Hello Everybody!
Have you every been at a festival or flipping through a magazine, see someone wearing a beautiful flower crown and wonder how you can have one too? Well I have the perfect DIY for you!


You can make a flower crown in 4 easy steps.

You will need: elastic, hot glue, glue gun, fake flowers, needle, thread, and scissors.

Step One: Take your elastic, wrap it around your head, and cut it to your desired length.

Step Two: Cut your fake flowers off the stem, making the back of the flower flat and free of plastic.

Step Three: Hot glue on the flowers close together along the elastic.

Step Four: Sew the two ends of the elastic together.



August Favorites!

Hello Everybody!
As August draws to a close, I thought I would share with you my August favorites!

L’OREAL True Match Concealer


This liquid concealer is one of my beauty essentials. It blends extremely well and provides amazing coverage on anything from dark circles to blemishes. The True Match Concealer dries matte and does not make your skin look oily throughout the day.

NYX Butter Gloss in the color Eclair


I’m in love with this lip gloss from NYX for two reasons: it’s color makes your lips look naturally pink and it’s not overly sticky. Most lip glosses leave a sticky mess on your lips that is very uncomfortable to wear, especially when your hair gets caught in it. This gloss dries with the feeling of almost a very creamy lipstick making it comfortable to wear on days that you want to wear your hair down.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray


This hairspray is amazing for holding in curls and maintain frizz free hair. I like to spray this in my hair before and after curling my hair for maximum hold with hair that’s does not feel crunchy.

L’OREAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Black


This mascara is great for eyelashes of any length! Not only does it separate and voluminize your lashes it also creates a really neat “winged” out effect.

Dogeared Dance Ring


This ring from Dogeared is my new jewelry obsession! You can wear this ring alone or with a couple of other rings stacked on top of it.

I hope you enjoyed my August favorites! Sorry that list is small, but I promise that I will be doing a gigantic fall favorites list soon!!!

Don’t Be Afraid To Customize!

Hello Everybody!

I hope you have enjoyed my very small back to school series, #backtoschoolwithcallie. It was so fun to do, and I hope it was fun for you as the viewer to read!

Here are all three of the products I made/customized for school:


What I Made (From Left to Right):

1. Mint Green Binder
How I made it– You will need a binder in the color of your choice, magazines (preferably garden, fashion, or surfing magazines), scissors, copier paper, glue (glue stick and hot), and lace. To make the collage I cut out patterns in a magazine in the shape of triangles, glued them on in an alternating pattern and stuck it in through the clear pocket in the front of the binder. Then, I hot glued the lace from to the edge of the binder.

2. The Mint Green Notebook
To find out how I made this, check out my last post: “Little Ways to Spice Up Your Notebooks For School!📚”

3. The Black Pencil Case
To find out how I made this, check out my recent post: “Pencil Case- DIY”

You will be able to find these posts by going either to my homepage or by scrolling to down below to categories and clicking on “Back to School”.


Little Ways to Spice Up Your Notebooks For School!

Hello Everybody!
This is post #2 of my mini back to school series (aka #backtoschoolwithcallie)!!! Today I will be talking about little ways you can spice up your notebooks for school!

1. Chalkboard Labels
Chalkboard labels are a great touch to any notebook because they are so simple to apply and look great. Also it’s really fun to doodle with chalk on them 😉

2. Add Lace or Ribbon
By simply gluing lace or ribbon around the boarder of your notebook you can turn this boring stationary item into one with texture and flare!

3. Gems, Gems, And More Gems
Stick on jewels of any kind to bling up your notebook and to add a feminine touch.

4. Use Scrapbook Paper
To change the look of the front cover of your notebook entirely, take a piece of the scrapbook paper of your choice, hole punch three holes into it and glue it on!

If you have any ideas of your own, comment them down below! Also, if you try out any of these tips, post a picture of your notebook on either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #backtoschoolwithcallie.


Pencil Case- DIY

Hello Everybody!
This post will be the start of my mini series of back to school posts. If you try any of my DIYs in this series, post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #backtoschoolwithcallie for me to see your take on these projects!

Today’s DIY will be felt pencil cases. Follow the steps below to make this adorable case!


Materials: You will need: felt, thread, a needle, a button (wooden or plastic), scissors, a thin marker or chalk, a straight edge, lace (optional), hot glue (optional)


Step One: Take your piece of felt and mark with chalk how big you would like it to be. To help with sizing, place a pencil or pen next to it.


Step Two: Cut out the felt on the lines you marked with chalk.


Step Three: With your left over felt cut out a rectangle the same width as the rectangle you previously cut and slightly shorter than your pencil or pen. This will be the pocket.


Step Four: Place rectangle two onto of rectangle one.


Step Five: Sew them together to make a pocket.


Step Six/Seven: Sew a button onto of rectangle two and cut a slit on rectangle one for the button to go through. (Optional) Hot glue lace directly underneath the slit.


Step Eight: Stuff your pencil case with whatever stationary items you want! Enjoy!


Back to School Fashion Essentials

Hello Everybody!
School is right around the corner and that means back to school shopping! Listed below are some of the fashion essentials that every girl needs for back to school season:)

*click on the photo to find that item online!

The Jean
Jeans are an essential to every girl during autumn! Lately, I’ve been loving the sky-high jegging from American Eagle Outfitters. These jeggings look exactly like jeans and are super cute with boots and a flowy top.

Sky High Jegging, $29.99, AEO

The V-Neck
This wardrobe essential looks perfect with anything from shorts to skinny jeans. You can pair it with layered necklaces and a leather jacket for a relaxed, put together look.

Truly Madly Deeply Rock Band V-Neck, Urban Outfitters, $29

The Oversized Cardigan
Oversized cardigans look amazing in anyone’s wardrobe because you could wear them over anything. They are extremely comfortable and are great to keep you warm during those upcoming fall months.


Heathered Ribbed-Knit Cardigan, Forever 21, $17.90

Leather Booties
Leather booties look amazing with any outfit, plus keep your feet nice and warm. Rock these shoes with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.!

Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Bootie, Nordstrom, $129.95

Comment down below your back to school wardrobe essentials! Happy Back-to-School Season!

Who Starts the Trends? You Do.

Hello Everybody!
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion trends. Not just what the trends are, but how the trends come to be. Most people know what is trending and what is not, simply by looking on the street to see what a majority of people are wearing. Nobody knows why everybody is wearing those particular items, it just seems like the “in” thing to do.

So I’ve been wondering, who starts these trends?

Fashion magazines, companies, celebrities, fashion bloggers, ordinary people? Fashion is the sort of thing that the world decides on as a whole, in a unanimous shaking of the head and a smile.

However, I’m not saying that looking like everybody else is a good thing. Looking fashionable in your own unique way is a wonderful thing! That is the real trend. What I am trying to say is, is that it is not who starts the “trends” or who wears what is on “trend”. Fashion is all about feeling unique and beautiful in your own way. So next time you’re out and about and feel a little bit out of place because of your style– don’t feel that way! Because what is trending right now is you. Do not let fashion magazines and store windows let you down, you own that look you call your own:)

Now back to the original question: Who starts the trends?

You do.