Collage Mason Jar- DIY

Hello Everybody!

Today I have one of the simplest DIYs for you yet: Collage Mason Jars!

Materials: You will need– a mason jar (I chose this puffed out curvy mason jar with a white lid from Marshall’s), paper, scissors, a magazine (I used Anthropology’s latest catalogue), a glue stick, and fake flowers and leaves (optional, not shown in the picture)


Step One: Hold the paper up to the jar and cut the paper where the glass part of the jar ends.


Step Two: Cut out anything in the magazine that catches your eye.


Step Three: Arrange the cutout pieces any way you like on the strip of paper and glue them down.


Step Four: Open up the mason jar and place your collage inside. (Optional) Then place the fake flowers and leaves in front of the paper and close the jar.


Step Five: Have fun and place your mason jar anywhere you think it looks best!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Expect to see more summertime crafts!


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