Revamp Your Old T-Shirts for Summer!- Pocket Tee DIY

Hello Everybody!

Ever look through your closet and come across a bunch of old t-shirts that you’re unsure of how to work them into today’s trends?  Well I have a solution for you: The Cropped Pocket Tee!

image (16)

How to make it:

You will need- needle, embroidery thread, two t-shirts of two different colors or a t-shirt and fabric, chalk (not shown in the picture), scissors

image (9)

Step One- Draw a pocket on one of the t-shirts with chalk.

image (10)

Step Two- Cut out the pocket and make sure that all of the lines are even and free of rough edges.  Then, place the pocket where you would like it on your shirt.

image (11)

Step Three- Fold all the sides of the pocket.

image (13)

Step Four- Stitch on the pocket (wider stitches on all sides but the top, smaller stitches on the top)

image (14)

Step Five- Cut your desired amount of fabric off the bottom of the shirt and widely stitch the bottom. (DO NOT sew the front and back together!) And you’re finished!

image (16)

Hope you try out this DIY and have as much fun as I did doing it!

Happy Crafting!



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