Distressed Milkman Bottle DIY

Hello Everybody!

Today I have a very quick and easy DIY for you: Distressed Milkman Bottles!


Follow the steps below to get this adorable bottle/vase for yourself!

Materials: You will need white acrylic paint, another color of your choice, nail file or sandpaper, milkman bottle, foam brush, a surface to mix your paint on (I used heavy duty tissue/wrapping paper), fake flowers, and scissors (only if you have really long stems on your flowers)


Step One: Mix the white paint with the color of your choice until it is a really light, pastel color.


Step Two: With a foam brush, paint an even coat of the pastel color on the bottle. Wait 5-10 minutes before moving onto step three.


Step Three: Paint a second coat onto the bottle. Wait 10 minutes to an hour before moving onto step four. For a shorter waiting time: take a hairdryer to your bottle, place it outside in direct sunlight, or place it by a window in direct sunlight.


Step Four: With the nail file scrape off the dry paint on the bottle in the areas shown below for a distressed look. Then, place the fake flowers inside. Your ending product should look similar to this:)


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know in the comments down below if you are planning on trying this out!


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