Altered Books- An Imagination Explosion


Today I would like to introduce you to altered books.

At the beginning of last year my art teacher gave me a year long assignment to take a book, pick a theme, and destroy the pages by covering them in paint, paper, ink, or pretty much whatever your little artistic heimage (3)art desires and make a masterpiece out of it.  Sounds time consuming huh? Well it was, and still is (I’m only half way through the book after an entire year).  Despite the time and the difficulties of holding open a paint crusted hardcover book while trying to glue on miniature seashells one-by-one, the process was certainly worth while.  With my general theme of the ocean, I was able to explore several mediums of art and discover which ones I prefer the most.  I highly suggest this project to anyone who enjoys mixed media projects or anyone who just wants to have fun with art!  Next time you come across an old book of yours, think again before you toss it in the trash– it could become a gorgeous masterpiece!


P.S. Leave a comment down below if would like to see a post with some of my favorite pages of my altered book, “Lost at Sea”!


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