Cute Ways You Can Reuse Old Magazines

Hello Everybody!
Today I have for you a couple of extremely cute home decor DIYs for you!

Materials: For both projects you will need– scissors, something to stick the cut outs on the wall (poster putty, earthquake putty, tape, etc.), and old magazines.

The Collage


Step One/Two: Cut out large pictures of anything that sparks your interest (for best results, avoid pictures with lots of words in tiny print). Arrange the pictures anyway that you like and stick them on the wall (don’t be afraid to overlap the pictures).


The Quote:


Step One/Two: Cut out large bubble letters from landscape pictures in the magazines. Then stick them on the wall with your tape or putty.


Hope you enjoyed this fun and quick DIY! Let me know down below if you are going to try any of these!


Collage Mason Jar- DIY

Hello Everybody!

Today I have one of the simplest DIYs for you yet: Collage Mason Jars!

Materials: You will need– a mason jar (I chose this puffed out curvy mason jar with a white lid from Marshall’s), paper, scissors, a magazine (I used Anthropology’s latest catalogue), a glue stick, and fake flowers and leaves (optional, not shown in the picture)


Step One: Hold the paper up to the jar and cut the paper where the glass part of the jar ends.


Step Two: Cut out anything in the magazine that catches your eye.


Step Three: Arrange the cutout pieces any way you like on the strip of paper and glue them down.


Step Four: Open up the mason jar and place your collage inside. (Optional) Then place the fake flowers and leaves in front of the paper and close the jar.


Step Five: Have fun and place your mason jar anywhere you think it looks best!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Expect to see more summertime crafts!

Distressed Milkman Bottle DIY

Hello Everybody!

Today I have a very quick and easy DIY for you: Distressed Milkman Bottles!


Follow the steps below to get this adorable bottle/vase for yourself!

Materials: You will need white acrylic paint, another color of your choice, nail file or sandpaper, milkman bottle, foam brush, a surface to mix your paint on (I used heavy duty tissue/wrapping paper), fake flowers, and scissors (only if you have really long stems on your flowers)


Step One: Mix the white paint with the color of your choice until it is a really light, pastel color.


Step Two: With a foam brush, paint an even coat of the pastel color on the bottle. Wait 5-10 minutes before moving onto step three.


Step Three: Paint a second coat onto the bottle. Wait 10 minutes to an hour before moving onto step four. For a shorter waiting time: take a hairdryer to your bottle, place it outside in direct sunlight, or place it by a window in direct sunlight.


Step Four: With the nail file scrape off the dry paint on the bottle in the areas shown below for a distressed look. Then, place the fake flowers inside. Your ending product should look similar to this:)


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know in the comments down below if you are planning on trying this out!

Revamp Your Old T-Shirts for Summer!- Pocket Tee DIY

Hello Everybody!

Ever look through your closet and come across a bunch of old t-shirts that you’re unsure of how to work them into today’s trends?  Well I have a solution for you: The Cropped Pocket Tee!

image (16)

How to make it:

You will need- needle, embroidery thread, two t-shirts of two different colors or a t-shirt and fabric, chalk (not shown in the picture), scissors

image (9)

Step One- Draw a pocket on one of the t-shirts with chalk.

image (10)

Step Two- Cut out the pocket and make sure that all of the lines are even and free of rough edges.  Then, place the pocket where you would like it on your shirt.

image (11)

Step Three- Fold all the sides of the pocket.

image (13)

Step Four- Stitch on the pocket (wider stitches on all sides but the top, smaller stitches on the top)

image (14)

Step Five- Cut your desired amount of fabric off the bottom of the shirt and widely stitch the bottom. (DO NOT sew the front and back together!) And you’re finished!

image (16)

Hope you try out this DIY and have as much fun as I did doing it!

Happy Crafting!


❤️Tutti-Frutti Frozen Yogurt❤️

Hello Everyone!

Recently I visited Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, here is what I thought about it:



4/5 Tutti Frutti’s decor is both vibrant and adorable with it’s like green walls and kawaii cups. It did lack indoor seating, but fortunately there was a lot of outdoor seating as well.

Menu (Taste)

3.5/4 When I was there I had gotten the flavors: sea salt caramel pretzel yogurt, pineapple sorbet, watermelon sorbet, and peanut butter fudge cake gelato. The sea salt caramel pretzel and the peanut butter fudge cake were amazing, with the right amount of richness and sweetness. The pineapple and pineapple sorbets, however, were way too sweet and too artificial tasting for my liking. Overall though, the flavors were excellent and I would definitely have them again.

Menu (Variety)

5/5 Tutti Frutti has an amazing variety of flavors, toppings, and boba (bubble tea) drinks to choose from. In their self-serve yogurt section they have everything from sorbet to gelato. For toppings they have a colorful variety of fruits, popping bobas, candies, and sauces. Also for bubble tea they have multiple flavors of teas to choose from as well!

All in all, Tutti Frutti is a great place to go to grab a quick cold treat during these long summer days.


Silk Painting- The Experience

Hello Everybody!
Before I begin, I would like to say that I am not a professional silk painter, this is purely about my first time using silk paint;) Enjoy!

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to paint a nature scene for my very first time on a silk hoop. When I first was given this assignment, I for some reason had developed the idea that this would be quite a simple task. And of course I had underestimated the hard work that was about to come my way.

The process of silk painting goes as follows:
1. You sketch out what you want to go onto the silk on a piece of paper.
2. Lay down the silk over the sketch (in my case I laid down a silk hoop)
3. Trace the sketch onto the silk with a thick, paint-like substance called “gutta”. “Gutta” is used for when you put the paint on the silk it does not run.
4. Paint inside the lines of “gutta” with a silk paint (which is pretty much water, heavily saturated with food coloring).
5. Paint your background (I used lime green silk paint, then applied blotches of dark green, and then added salt to the blotches)

The process seems simple right? Well, yes, it is. That is if you do everything with extreme precision and impeccable eyesight.

The “gutta” I had used for this assignment had been colorless. Colorless “gutta” is little bit trickier than colored “gutta” because even though you can still see it when laying it down, it is difficult to see whether all your lines are connected and closed off so the paint does not run. Also, a lot of the time, colorless “gutta” is not as thick as the colored ones, so even if all your lines are connected, the paint could still run over the “gutta”. This is where things went downhill for me.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, I had painted butterflies on my silk hoop. I had chosen to do butterflies since silk paints often blend nicely together when done correctly for a beautifully realistic effect. I, being a first timer, did not really know how to correctly blend the paint, resulting in me adding way too much. The more paint you add, the more of a chance you will have of it running over the “gutta”. As the painting process went on, I soon learned how to control my blending. But I do have to admit, I have A LOT of room for improvement. I hope by the end of this year I will try my hand again at silk painting and this time take into account my previous mistakes;) I highly suggest silk painting to anyone who likes a little challenge (I believe you can order supplies from some craft catalogs.) Let me know down below if any of you have tried or will try silk painting!